Rosenserien and the environment

Rosenserien cares about the environment and our planet. All our packaging is recyclable, made from toxin-free plastic and uses environmentally-friendly inks. Nor do we have extra boxes outside the packaging. Rosenserien is a climate smart choice because production takes place in Sweden, in Östersund  and the products are concentrated and last long.

Environmental andclimate-friendlyreasons to chooseRosenserienproducts

  • Based onorganically grownplants and herbs
  • Locally; Swedishproduction
  • The base ofmost of the productsiscertifiedaloevera gel, which is also fair trade marked
  • Environmentally friendlypackaging-easy to recycle.
  • Not testedon animals, whetherraw materialsorfinished product-are amongthe animalsproperlyselectedskincarebrand. Approved by Leping Bunny, Cruelty Frre international and PETA.
  • Mildscentwithoutsynthetic perfume(fits most fragranceallergy sufferers)
  • Without the addition ofsynthetic substances, alcohol, animal ingredients(except beeswax) or mineral oils
  • Veryconcentratedand lastingproductsasno wateris added

The lastpointmay need someadditional lighting: no wateraddedin the productsis very unusual. Water isnot dangerousin itself, but to use largeamounts of waterhas major implications forour environment.The water inourskin care products havea largeenvironmental impactwith bothconsidering thevolume of transport, packing number and volumeoverhaul inourtreatment plants.In addition,morepreservatives are needed the morewater a product contains.

Environmentand climate workin office, warehouse and logistics

  • Conference callsinstead ofphysical meetings.
  • Only eco-labeled paperforprinting andeducational material.
  • Waste sortingin offices andkitchenettes.
  • Computersand printersare eco-labeled.
  • Onlyenvironmentally friendly transport, where the transport companies haveenvironmental certification
  • Our supplierof cardboardis environmentally certified.
  • Our brochuresandposter materials are printed ina eco labelprinting.
  • We userecycledpackaging materials.
  • Sorting ofallleftoverpackaging.
  • Our facilities areheatedwithair heating.
  • Allareasof the buildingare painted withthe eco-labeledcolor.
  • Work clothesof ecolabeled material.
  • Towelsmade oforganically grown cotton.