Moisturizers are a must for a good skin care routine. Rosenserien´s mild and deliciously scented moisturizers, are designed to bring a lot of moisture, provide nutrients and new energy adapted to suit different skin types. The Eye Cream is formulated just for the thin delicate skin closest to the eye.

Organic, soothing moisturizing cream that strengthens capillaries, reduces and prevents redness, moisturizes and softens. Contains prebiotics and fermented minerals to help restore

A light cream formulated for the delicate skin around the eye. Adds a lot of moisture and can reduce the fine lines around the eyes. Contains witch hazel which is said to have an a

Nourishing moisturizer for normal to dry skin. Containing active vegetable oils and essential fatty acid GLA. The cream is softening and moisturizing. Suitable for normal and dry

Moisturizing cream for dry and sensitive skin that is in need of extra care. Soothes and strengthens the skin. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, even skin that blushes easily.

Refreshing moisture gel that adds moisture and quickly absorbed by the skin. Contains essential fatty acids, vegetable hyaluronic acid and argan oil. Suitable for normal and oily